Operating Modes

I really donít have a favorite mode. I work HF phone occasionally from my own rig on 20 meters from home. My band agility is limited at home because of antenna restrictions in my subdivision. HF operation also includes PSK31 on 20M. I sometimes operate phone from the Amateur Radio Club at the University of Arizona under the call K7UAZ (various bands).

When on the move, 2M and 70CM FM phone keep me in touch with fellow Hams. Generally, I monitor and use the 146.82 MHz and 146.800 MHz repeaters here in Tucson. I also use EchoLink almost entirely from a radio rather than the computer. Iíve dabbled a little with packet on 2M, but have no regular activity on this mode.

In the future, I plan to expand my HF digital experience to some of the other modes and to slow scan TV.