My primary hobby interest is Ham Radio. My favorite activities are:

  • Field Day, particularly when it is high on Mt. Lemmon
  • Support of charity events outside the city in the desert or mountainous areas; for example, the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Mountain bike race in the Black Hills north of Tucson.
Steve in front of GOTA station

Setting up the Field Day GOTA station

Other interests

  • Flying radio control (RC) model airplanes - although this hobby has taken a back seat to other demands on time, I hold membership in the Sonoran Desert Flyers and a favorite airplane is my Edge 540. An aerobatic plane, it has about a 5-foot wingspan and is powered by a .91 cid 2-stroke that is rated at 2.8 HP. Itís a dream to fly, but caution is necessary because it reacts instantly and to the extreme to its controls. My son and I have several other planes as well.
Steve with Edge 540

Me with my Edge 540

  • I love the outdoors (at least when itís not too hot) - although less active than in the past, I am still involved and registered as an adult scouter here in Tucson (Catalina Council). It is an opportunity to be out in nature hiking and camping while watching the process as Boy Scouts mature to become men and leaders, especially when your own son is one of the developing boys.
  • Hiking is not limited to scouts, however, and my favorite hikes are family hikes, usually in the cool pines of Mt. Lemmon when we hike around Tucson. Arizona offers some other great places to hike and enjoy the outdoors, not the least of which is the Grand Canyon.