I was initially licensed as K9PEA at age 14 and operated in Rockford, Illinois. My father (K9PDZ – SK, 2008) had interested me in radio. The two of us studied together and got our license together. We built equipment together and fed each other’s enthusiasm for the hobby. His electronic influence had a dramatically constructive influence on my life by leading to a degree in Electrical Engineering which resulted in a rewarding career in Electro-optics.

As a youth, I was a member of the Klicks, Chirps and Splatters Society of Rockford (KCSSR). This club was for youth only, and we had an after school net of northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Given that Klicks, Chirps, and Splatters aren’t exactly complementary terms for station performance, the club eventually changed its name to the Forest City Radio Club. The 50-year reunion of this club’s first field day was the subject of a short article in QST magazine in 2008.

After college, I moved to the California beach area, got interested in other things, and let my Ham Radio license expire. I worked long hours, traveled and busied myself with the then-new technology of long wavelength infrared imaging. However, I never really lost my interest for Ham Radio.

After an early retirement, I wanted my Ham ticket back. I was re-licensed as KD7SPY, general class, in 2002 and upgraded to Extra about a year later. Tucson is now my base of operations.